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{19 September 2010}   Day 6 #write365

Day 6 #write365
Baby drum tiger

“Hey, tiger, lookin’ for some fun tonight?”

Sara sashayed through the office doorway, pirouetting to make sure Sam caught the full effect of her outfit — too tight top tied up under her braless breasts exposing her midriff; too short schoolgirl skirt with no panties underneath.Treating the doorjamb like a pole, she stood on one leg and bent her body back, making sure she had a tight grip.

Sam closed his laptop and swiveled to face her, looking her up and down. “Oh, baby, you have no idea what fun I have in store for you. Come stand in front of me.”

Standing up straight, Sara sauntered over, trying to look as sassy and insouciant as possible. Sam wasn’t fooled.

“Any woman who dresses like this is just begging to have her ass beat like a drum. Bend over my desk. Now.”

Knowing better than to argue, Sara quickly assumed the proper position.
And although she knew she was supposed to stay still, Sara couldn’t help a happy butt wiggle.

“If you continue to be a good bad girl, not only will I beat your ass hot and red, I will then fuck you senseless. Now stay still, in position, and quiet…”



Robin Michelle


{19 September 2010}   Day 5 #write365

Day 5 #write365
Torch milkshake pepper

“Oh my god, Charlie! What the hell did you put in this milkshake? I asked for chocolate with a sprinkle of cinnamon… This tastes like,” sip, “like pepper, black pepper.”

“Look, I forgot to ask for cinnamon when I ordered it and didn’t realize ’til I was almost home. I figured I’d just add it in here and you’d never know. Only I hadn’t counted on the lights being out. And I couldn’t find a torch. Obviously candlelight wasn’t enough and I picked the wrong canister… Here, you take my vanilla cherry and I’ll take yours.”

“Well, okay, I guess. Vanilla cherry is definitely better than chocolate pepper. Thanks sweetie. I love you.”



Robin Michelle

{19 September 2010}   Day 4 #write365

Day 4 #write365
Fungus, circus, carrot

“Circus, circus, circus!”

The chant from the table was accompanied by rhythmic fist pounding.

“Shush! No one’s going anywhere, and certainly not the circus if you don’t quiet down and eat your lunch.”

Three pairs of fists stopped mid-air and three mouths snapped shut. Eyes gazed down to look at the food placed before them.

“Yuck! Carrots!”
“Ick! There’s mushrooms on the pizza!”
“Gag! No way I’m eating fungus!”

Arms crossed over chests, all three turned to glare at her.

“Dip the carrots in the dressing. Here it is,” as she placed the bottle on the table.

“If you don’t like the mushrooms, then don’t eat them. Pick them off and put them on this plate,” and she sighed loudly as she put a paper plate on the table within the reach of them all.

They sat there still, making no attempt to eat.

“Alright then, you’ve left me no choice. I’m setting the timer. You’ve got thirty minutes to eat and them get cleaned up. If you’re not ready to leave when the timer goes off, no circus.”

For a heartbeat they continued to just sit and stare at their food. Then with one last venomous look at her, and mighty sighs, they began to eat.

Robin Michelle

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