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{4 September 2010}   Day 3 #write365

I did get this written yesterday, mostly. Until someone, um, let’s say “distracted” me.

Day 3 #write365
Sunglasses, toilet, hose

Lisa squinted over the top of her sunglasses watching the curvy redhead as she wove her way through the crowd. She cursed her bad luck under her breath. If she hadn’t tripped over that damn hose and broken her leg, she’d be up and following the beautiful stranger. But weighed down by cast & crutches, Lisa was going nowhere fast.

Lisa had noticed the redhead the moment she walked into the party. She was beautiful, curvy, maybe a few years younger than Lisa, dressed sexily but not trashy. Men and women alike noticed her. And she had especially noticed Lisa — they’d been sharing glances and smiles for the past ten minutes. Until she’d headed to the restroom, with an inviting look over her shoulder at Lisa.

Sighing deeply, Lisa mindlessly sipped her drink as she thought about how she would have liked her evening to have gone…

After only a few shared looks, she approached ‘Red’. They exchanged names, chatted, laughed. There was some flirtatious touching, and suggestive hints were mixed into the conversation. When Red headed to the restroom, Lisa didn’t hesitate.

They entered casually, hoping to find it vacant. Or at least not too crowded. They were in luck; only a few other women were there. Selecting the stall furthest from the door, Red went in first but left the door unlocked. Lisa waited for the woman at the sink to leave, then slipped into the stall.

Lisa wasted no time. In the space of a breath, Red was in her arms. Lips pressed, tongues tangled, nipples hardened, hands groped, hips thrust. She maneuvered Red into the space between the toilet and the wall. Lisa slid her hand into Red’s pants, enjoying the gasp when her fingers rubbed and pinched her hard clit. Red moved her mouth to Lisa’s nipple, lightly biting and sucking. Lisa’s breath caught as her cunt clenched and became even wetter…

Lisa looked up to find her fantasy standing at her table.
“I’m Ginnie. Mind if I join you?”
Lisa smiled, “Absolutely.” Maybe her evening was going somewhere after all.


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