Robin Michelle Writes

Lisa slid down into the hot steaming bath, enjoying the pulsing of the jets against her tired aching body. She’d been waiting for this bath all week long, through meetings and arguments and messes that apparently only she could clean up. Coming home, she’d lit some aromatherapy candles, opened a fresh bottle of moscato, and let the tub fill. Dan had promised he’d leave her alone until she was out of the tub. Past experience led her to believe she’d get maybe twenty minutes of alone time before he came bursting in, needing her for some stupid thing that he really should be able to take care of on his own. So she was making the most of what time she did get. Relaxing music was playing, calming scents filled the air, and a cooling mask covered her eyes. Lisa sipped her wine and released a deep sigh.

It’d hadn’t been more than maybe fifteen minutes when Lisa felt Dan running his hand along her leg.

“Dan, come on, you promised to leave me alone.” She didn’t hear him respond, but his hand stopped. For a moment. And then it was joined by a second hand, wrapping around her other leg.

“Dan, I said stop!” Lisa tried to pull her legs away from him but the hands just tightened their grip. She reached up to remove the eye mask, to look him in the face, but then her arms were grabbed and pinned down. “Dan?”

Lisa fought the rising panic, focusing on what she was feeling. Clearly not hands, though they gripped her. They slid over and around her body smoothly, wrapping around her arms, her legs, her waist, holding her down in the tub. She counted – one, two, three, four, five, six… At least six, but maybe more… Three or more people? But she didn’t hear anyone. And really, whatever was grasping her, it didn’t feel human…

Tentacles. They felt like… tentacles.

Lisa wiggled, but it was no use – they only tightened more.

The tentacles on her legs pulled them apart while the ones around her waist moved up her torso towards her breasts. The touches were not in any way menacing. In fact, they were calming, soothing. Lisa felt herself relaxing into them, trying to think of it as an odd massage.

That worked, kind of, until they reached her breasts. The feeling was… arousing. The tentacles curled over and around her breasts, and she finally felt what could only be suckers on her nipples, pulling and squeezing them. Lisa whimpered as her nipples hardened and she felt a corresponding tingle in her pussy.

This was so not right, but she was trapped, unable to get away. She tried calling for Dan, but immediately a tentacle was there, covering her mouth, preventing her from crying out. And her body was betraying her, responding to this wrongness with arousal, no matter how much her mind fought it.

Another tentacle writhed its way up between her legs. The tip of it found her clit and stroked and rubbed. Without conscious thought, Lisa arched her hips, pressing forward against it, pleading wordlessly for more. The creature slithered yet another tentacle between her thighs. This one didn’t stop but slid right into her through labia lubricated by her arousal. And it kept sliding in, filling and stretching her until there wasn’t room for more. Then it started moving, pulsing.

Oh, god, she thought, I’m being fucked by a monster… and I’m enjoying it… Lisa gave up and gave herself over to the sensations, drowning in the caresses of the many tentacles wrapping and filling her body. She felt her orgasm building, rising to a higher peak than she’d ever felt before. At the moment of release, Lisa let go… and dissolved into foam.


“Lisa? Lisa, honey, it’s been half an hour… Can I come in?”

Dan stopped just inside the bathroom and stared in horror as foam covered tentacles disappeared down the drain of an empty bathtub.


{21 April 2011}   #Tilt

Inspired yet again by Ruby’s #WankWednesday, here’s my take on the prompt #Tilt. (And yes, I know it’s late, but I did start it on Wednesday :-p )



I groaned as I carefully lowered myself into the chair. I knew the chiropractor would ask if I knew how I’d thrown out my back.

I did.

The Tilt-a-Whirl at the fair.

Too many times on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Too much sex on the Tilt-a-Whirl.

But he didn’t need to know about that. And I was old enough to have certainly known better.

I tried to relax as I waited, and my thoughts drifted back to the weekend…

Davis and I hadn’t been dating long and we were still deeply feeling that new relationship energy. You know what I mean… The “we want to fuck like bunnies every chance we get” energy.

It was the county fair and going sounded like fun. Holding hands while wandering through the grounds, checking out the animals, crafts & foods, listening to the music, going on rides, stealing a quick kiss, grope, stroke or fingering whenever & where ever we could.

The weather called for a sundress, so once I ditched the panties, Davis had full access. And he took full advantage, especially as night fell & the crowds thinned.

We discovered that some of the best shadowy areas were along and around the midway. The spacing & various shapes of the rides left dark nooks and crannies scattered throughout the area. We were tucked away in one, kissing and doing all we could to bring each other right to the edge, when I noticed the Tilt-a-Whirl & a crazy thought crossed my mind.

We’d already ridden it a couple of times, so I know which way the centripetal force would push as it whirled. I also knew from watching it that the people riding were not really visible to anyone watching because of the speed, spinning & the way the cars were shaped.

I pulled Davis’ ear down to my mouth with one hand while I gripped and stroked his stiffening cock with the other.

“Let’s fuck on the Tilt-a-Whirl.”

He groaned and his cock jerked in my hand. I slid my thumb over the tip, feeling the precome beaded there.

“You keep doing that and we won’t make it anywhere, let alone onto a ride.”

I removed my hand and straightened my dress while he adjusted his clothing as well. Then we headed to the Tilt-a-Whirl.

While waiting in line, we quietly discussed how we might make it work. We decided I would take the position where I’d be pressed into the wall and Davis would be above and pushed into me.

Didn’t work so well. Davis was pushed into me all right. Enough to suffocate me and bang his head on the wall. His cock never did more than just brush over my lips.

Back in line. Maybe if  I stayed in the corner but turned around for doggie… Nope. We kept sliding off the seat.

And another try. This time Davis took the corner and I climbed up on him, facing him. Success! We could barely move ourselves, but didn’t really need to as the twirling of the ride forced our bodies into motion. I squeezed his cock tight with my cunt while he fingered my clit. In mere moments, we were clutching each other, stifling moans and cries with kissing while we came.

The buzzer indicating the ride was ending broke our reverie. We quickly disentangled and straightened our clothing before exiting. But based on the look the operator gave us, I’m pretty sure he knew what we’d been up to.

Davis and I continued to kiss and grope as we made our way out of the fair and to his car, his come oozing out of my pussy, leaving trails down my thighs. It was perfect. So perfect in fact, that we went back and did it all again the next night, too.

Which is why I was now waiting to see the chiropractor. I really was too old for these sorts of sexcapades.

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