Robin Michelle Writes

{2 November 2013}   NaNoWriMo Day 1 Excerpt

First 100 or so words:


Six a.m and Calllie was ready for her run.. Until she stepped out onto the porch and kicked a beer can into a beer bottle which them rolled into a puddle of vomit.. Somewhat sotto voce she let loose with a profanity laced complaint. “goddamn motherfucking… what the fuck were they doing on my porch?”  Storming across the dirt lane, Callie pounded on Rafe’s door as loudly as she could while yelling his name, hoping he had a really bad hangover and that she was making it worse. Unfortunately, not. He answered the door clad only in blue jeans while towel-drying his hair. If he had a hangover, it sure didn’t show. Callie struggled to keep her mind on her anger while faced with his freshly washed and mostly undressed body. He was definitely attractive, particularly when he smiled at her like that…
“Can I help you with something?” He spoke with a slight drawl, grinning as he leaned against the doorframe.


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