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Lisa slid down into the hot steaming bath, enjoying the pulsing of the jets against her tired aching body. She’d been waiting for this bath all week long, through meetings and arguments and messes that apparently only she could clean up. Coming home, she’d lit some aromatherapy candles, opened a fresh bottle of moscato, and let the tub fill. Dan had promised he’d leave her alone until she was out of the tub. Past experience led her to believe she’d get maybe twenty minutes of alone time before he came bursting in, needing her for some stupid thing that he really should be able to take care of on his own. So she was making the most of what time she did get. Relaxing music was playing, calming scents filled the air, and a cooling mask covered her eyes. Lisa sipped her wine and released a deep sigh.

It’d hadn’t been more than maybe fifteen minutes when Lisa felt Dan running his hand along her leg.

“Dan, come on, you promised to leave me alone.” She didn’t hear him respond, but his hand stopped. For a moment. And then it was joined by a second hand, wrapping around her other leg.

“Dan, I said stop!” Lisa tried to pull her legs away from him but the hands just tightened their grip. She reached up to remove the eye mask, to look him in the face, but then her arms were grabbed and pinned down. “Dan?”

Lisa fought the rising panic, focusing on what she was feeling. Clearly not hands, though they gripped her. They slid over and around her body smoothly, wrapping around her arms, her legs, her waist, holding her down in the tub. She counted – one, two, three, four, five, six… At least six, but maybe more… Three or more people? But she didn’t hear anyone. And really, whatever was grasping her, it didn’t feel human…

Tentacles. They felt like… tentacles.

Lisa wiggled, but it was no use – they only tightened more.

The tentacles on her legs pulled them apart while the ones around her waist moved up her torso towards her breasts. The touches were not in any way menacing. In fact, they were calming, soothing. Lisa felt herself relaxing into them, trying to think of it as an odd massage.

That worked, kind of, until they reached her breasts. The feeling was… arousing. The tentacles curled over and around her breasts, and she finally felt what could only be suckers on her nipples, pulling and squeezing them. Lisa whimpered as her nipples hardened and she felt a corresponding tingle in her pussy.

This was so not right, but she was trapped, unable to get away. She tried calling for Dan, but immediately a tentacle was there, covering her mouth, preventing her from crying out. And her body was betraying her, responding to this wrongness with arousal, no matter how much her mind fought it.

Another tentacle writhed its way up between her legs. The tip of it found her clit and stroked and rubbed. Without conscious thought, Lisa arched her hips, pressing forward against it, pleading wordlessly for more. The creature slithered yet another tentacle between her thighs. This one didn’t stop but slid right into her through labia lubricated by her arousal. And it kept sliding in, filling and stretching her until there wasn’t room for more. Then it started moving, pulsing.

Oh, god, she thought, I’m being fucked by a monster… and I’m enjoying it… Lisa gave up and gave herself over to the sensations, drowning in the caresses of the many tentacles wrapping and filling her body. She felt her orgasm building, rising to a higher peak than she’d ever felt before. At the moment of release, Lisa let go… and dissolved into foam.


“Lisa? Lisa, honey, it’s been half an hour… Can I come in?”

Dan stopped just inside the bathroom and stared in horror as foam covered tentacles disappeared down the drain of an empty bathtub.


{4 May 2011}   Skating Around the Issue

Here’s my offering for Ruby’s #WankWednesday prompt of #skate. Head over to her blog, The Erotic Notebook, to read more.


We’d been skating around the issue for weeks, maybe months, but most definitely in the weeks since we’d sold the house. It was more in what we didn’t directly say, than in anything spelled out. Would we have one last fuck? One last time to seal the ending of our marriage and life together.

In no way would you describe our divorce as amicable, certainly not at the beginning. I’d truly surprised him when I filed and gave him the papers. Our marriage had not been the best, we’d both had our issues with each other, the things we wanted in our lives didn’t always mesh. But we held it together, at least until the kids were grown. As husband and wife we really didn’t belong together, however we made pretty good friends. And the sex, the fucking was almost always good (we never ‘made love’, it was always sex or fucking). So based on the friendliness and good fucking, he thought we’d go on together. I knew better. Needed better.

I filed; we fought; we cried; kids cried; he moved out; we started separating belongings, fighting even more over who got what. Things calmed and we worked together to prepare the house for selling. It was more than either of us wanted or needed, with only one child still at home. He found a place nearby, I made the decision to move to the coast, making a new start for myself away from our shared history.

And here I was, our divorce final and the house sold. I had suggested we meet one last time at the house for one final walk through, to make sure we really truly had gotten every last thing out. My expectations were that we’d do more than just walk around in the house — I suspected his expectations were similar. I’d brought a blanket and put several condoms in my purse; we’d been separated for over a year and was under no illusions that he’d been celibate.

Arriving before him, I wandered from room to room, remembering. Regretting that I’d never convinced him to be more adventurous — we’d never fucked anywhere but in our room and bathroom. I thought of how fun it would have been if he’d bent me over the living room couch, or the ottoman in the family room. Or laid me out on the dining room or kitchen tables. Countertops. Washer and dryer. Stairs and the landing. So many missed opportunities — because of him and his surprising prudishness.

I sat on the stairs facing the front door and waited for  him. My thoughts drifted, my imagination fired…

He came strolling up the walk, pausing for a moment when he saw me sitting there. Coming inside, he closed the door. We made small talk as we started in the basement, checking all the closets and cupboards, everywhere something might have been stashed. But we’d been thorough and found nothing. Pausing at the base of the stairs, things got awkward for a moment. We laughed. We went to hug good-bye and found ourselves frantic to get out of our clothes. We paused long enough for me to lay down the blanket and to toss a condom at him. He looked a little surprised at that, but put it on. We were rabid — clutching, grasping, groping, kissing, biting, licking. He twisted my nipples and bit my shoulders. I grasped his cock and squeezed and stroked. A hand moved behind me, squeezing my butt before spanking it. I gasped, and pulled harder on his cock in reaction. Keeping the one hand on my ass, he moved his other around to my mound, and slid it down between my thighs, pushing them farther apart.  A finger slid over my clit and into my cunt, spreading my wetness over my labia then up to coat my clit. He surprised me then by pushing me down on to the stairs and bending down between my knees. He rarely ever went down on me this way — he usually positioned himself so that I could pleasure him at the same time. But not this time. He quickly inserted two fingers, fucking me with them while applying tongue and teeth to my clit and lips. It didn’t take long for me to come hard, squirting all over his hand and down his arm. Withdrawing his fingers, he flipped me over, pushing fully into me with one hard thrust. My nipples brushed carpet as his hands gripped my hips tightly and he pounded me without pause. Very quickly I heard the change in him breathing that indicated he was about to come. It pushed me over the edge again, and I screamed my orgasm into the stairs as he came…

My phone rang, jolting me out of my reverie. It was him. He wasn’t going to make it. I picked up the blanket and my purse, and walked out the door without a single backwards glance.

{23 March 2011}   #WankWednesday ~~ #Spare

Written in response to Ruby Kiddell’s #WankWednesday challenge. Visit her blog, The Erotic Notebook, for more.


Right now, at this point in time, I have nothing left of me to spare to anyone else. For any reason. So when I say yes to fucking you, you need to understand that fucking is all it is.

It is not about romance, or love, or even friendship. I don’t want to know your name, what you do, or anything else about you. Your intelligence and education are important only as they apply to your ability to give me what I need. Only that you’ll fuck me until I’ve had enough. It is not about me wanting to please you, to be what you want, to make you come hard. It is purely for the physical release that I need.

The only reason I’ve said yes is because I need your body, your mouth, your hands, your cock to bring me the release I crave. No fantasy, no toy can satiate my lust as another body can.

I will use you, as long as I need to. I will tell you what I need you to do. How to start at my neck, licking and nibbling, and then work your way down, making sure to spend adequate time on my breasts, teasing my nipples to rock-hardness with both your mouth and your hands. If you’re doing it right, my heart rate will accelerate, my breathing will become audible and rapid, and I will feel each tug and twist and pinch of a nipple not only there but also as an increasing tingling in my clit. I will start to gasp and moan, softly at first, as my arousal heightens and my cunt swells and moistens.

Placing my hands on first your shoulders, and then your head, I’ll guide you down further, until your heated body rests between my legs. There should be no hesitation as you spread me open and lower your mouth to me. You’ll use your tongue to lick along my slit, from bottom to top and back again, pausing now and again to circle and press on my clit, to suckle my labia, to probe and fuck.

As my moaning increases and my body moves in reaction to your touch, you’ll slide one, then two fingers inside, curving them just right to find my swollen and sensitive g-spot, then stroking and pressing while your mouth and tongue continue to work my clit. I can feel the pressure building, my legs are shaking, my breathing ragged as each moment you bring me closer to the edge. Rational thought has fled, replaced by increasing tension and sensitivity until with one overwhelming burst of energy, I come, flooding you and the bed with my juices.

You barely give me time to catch my breath before you flip me over and pull me up to my knees. I hear the sound of the condom wrapper tearing and feel your body shifting on the bed as your roll it onto your cock. Without a word, you place your hands on my hips, gripping fiercely, fingers digging into my flesh. For a brief moment, I feel the head of you cock pressing against my slick swollen labia, then with one hard thrust  you are fully inside. I gasp as you stretch and fill me and push back against you, feeling your belly press against my ass. I try to rise to my hands, but you remove a hand from my hips and leaning forward,  you press it into my head, forcing me to stay down. Your roughness serves only to make me orgasm again, a scream bursting out.

But it’s not enough, yet, and you know it. So you keep thrusting, sometimes fast and hard, sometimes slower and easier, but never stopping your movement. And I come and come and come again, until my breath is raspy, my hair is matted with sweat, my skin flushed. Behind my closed eyes, I see flashes of light, starbursts with each deep thrust. My legs are shaking, barely able to support me. So you go back to gripping my hips, forcing me to stay up, forcing me to take each of your thrusts, until finally, finally, I hear your breathing change, I feel your cock become harder, hotter and larger, stretching my sore cunt just enough more so that as you shake and pound me with your orgasm, I also come one last long screaming time.

We both collapse, but not together. There is no cuddling. No snuggling. No basking in the afterglow. I don’t even turn to look at you. To do so would somehow make this more real, more meaningful than what it was — a fuck just for fucking’s sake. So, once my breathing slows, I rise, I dress, fix my hair and makeup, and leave, sparing no more time on you.

{17 January 2011}   Dirty Talk

“Tits,” he smiled as he slid his hands over and under them, flicking her nipples with his thumbs.

“Ass,” she countered, grabbing and squeezing his as she pulled him against her.

“Cunt,” he breathed, releasing a tit and slipping his free hand between their bodies and into her slick heat.

“Cock,” she moaned, stroking and guiding his towards her yearning cunt.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed as he thrust forward and in, feeling her heated cunt contract around his hard cock as her hips rose to meet him.

“Oh, yes, fuck! Fuuuuck!” she echoed, ’til her breath was taken by orgasm and his faded with his own coming.

In post-coital bliss, she curled up against him, “I told you talking dirty could be fun.”

His only response a soft laugh, a kiss to her head, and a smart pat on her ass. She grinned, sighed happily, and snuggled in closer.

{19 September 2010}   Day 6 #write365

Day 6 #write365
Baby drum tiger

“Hey, tiger, lookin’ for some fun tonight?”

Sara sashayed through the office doorway, pirouetting to make sure Sam caught the full effect of her outfit — too tight top tied up under her braless breasts exposing her midriff; too short schoolgirl skirt with no panties underneath.Treating the doorjamb like a pole, she stood on one leg and bent her body back, making sure she had a tight grip.

Sam closed his laptop and swiveled to face her, looking her up and down. “Oh, baby, you have no idea what fun I have in store for you. Come stand in front of me.”

Standing up straight, Sara sauntered over, trying to look as sassy and insouciant as possible. Sam wasn’t fooled.

“Any woman who dresses like this is just begging to have her ass beat like a drum. Bend over my desk. Now.”

Knowing better than to argue, Sara quickly assumed the proper position.
And although she knew she was supposed to stay still, Sara couldn’t help a happy butt wiggle.

“If you continue to be a good bad girl, not only will I beat your ass hot and red, I will then fuck you senseless. Now stay still, in position, and quiet…”



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