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{1 September 2010}   Write 365 ~ Day One

In an attempt to increase my writing and other creative endeavors, I am trying to do a Write 365 project. Each day I will write a small story, most likely fiction & post it here.

To get started, I used a random word generator and got button, vampire & chisel. Following is the short story I came up with.

Day 1 01Sep2010

“Buttons… Where the hell have all my buttons gone? I swear just last week I had a full box….” Selene’s voice trailed off as she continued to dig through the drawer.

“Hmmm… What? Did you say something, sweetheart?” Rafe barely paused his sculpting as he changed chisels.

Selene knew he hadn’t really heard her, but had just noted the sound of her voice. Pointing to the pile of mending by her chair, she answered him.

“Yes, I did. I have all these shirts that need new buttons and I thought I still had a full box… I must’ve used them all in last weeks mending… Guess it’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow.”

“Buttons? Why do so many shirts need new buttons?” The glint in Rafe’s eyes and the quirk of his lips barely hiding his emerging fangs were evidence that he knew full well why Selene always had an overflowing mending basket.

“Well,” Selene approached him, lowering her voice to a sultry purr, “there’s this big strong incredibly sexy vampire I know •very• well who takes great pleasure not only in ripping my blouses off, but in having me rip off his shirts.”

Selene had reached Rafe, gliding her palms up his chest, grazing his hardened nipples and causing a quick intake of breath, to the collar of his shirt. She gripped and pulled. “Just. Like. This.”

Buttons flew across the room. But they were too involved with each other to pay any attention.


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