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{27 September 2010}   Day 9 #write365

Day 9 #write365

“Holy hell! What is that stench?!” It was all Ronni could do to continue into the car.

When there was no immediate answer, she took a closer look at Melanie, the driver, who was staring unwaveringly forward. “What on earth is that? Are you wearing a necklace made of onions? What- why-,” Ronni took a deep breath, immediately regretting it. Lowering and calming her voice, she continued, “Mel, sweetie, why are you wearing an onion necklace?”

Slowly, with tears in her eyes, Mel turned to her, “I couldn’t find any garlic…” Her voice trailed off.

“Oh, honey, that’s just an old wives tale. Nothing can keep me away from you.” With a flash of fangs, Ronni moved in.


Robin Michelle


{27 September 2010}   Day 8 #write365

Day 8 #write365

The shower flowed over her, blinding, deafening, cutting her off from all senses except the feel of the water on her skin. And she lost herself in the sensations.

He watched her, then slowly, silently he eased the door open and slipped in behind her. Taking care not to touch, he reached past her for the bottle of shampoo.

Shifting forward, he pressed himself against her back. She moaned and wriggled back, pressing her ass against his hard cock until it was hugged by her cheeks.

Leaning forward, he nibbled on her earlobe before whispering huskily into her ear, “Let me wash your hair.”

She tilted her head back, waiting.


Robin Michelle

{27 September 2010}   Day 7 #write365

Day 7 #write365

In a rundown motel on the far side of town, he lay fully clothed on the dingy bed and stared at the ceiling. If not for the slight rise and fall of his chest, he appeared dead. He felt dead. Dead inside. Dead to the world.

He’d dug the bible out of the bedside table and had tried to read it, hoping to find words of comfort. But after using it to smash a blood-filled mosquito (his blood), he no longer desired to even touch it.

The remains of a sandwich were drying and crumbling on the wobbly card table set in front of the window. He’d bought it not out of hunger but because of the vague awareness that he hadn’t eaten in almost a full day. Not that eating mattered anymore anyway.

His thoughts turned again and again to his last view of them, his children and wife — EX-wife — as they’d driven off following the moving truck. Moving thousands of miles away…

And it was his own fucking fault. He’d destroyed his life, all of it. All for the fleeting pleasure of a few stolen moments here and there. All that was left for him now was to finish it, end it.

Tears seeped from beneath closed lids as he lifted the gun to his head.


Robin Michelle

{19 September 2010}   Day 6 #write365

Day 6 #write365
Baby drum tiger

“Hey, tiger, lookin’ for some fun tonight?”

Sara sashayed through the office doorway, pirouetting to make sure Sam caught the full effect of her outfit — too tight top tied up under her braless breasts exposing her midriff; too short schoolgirl skirt with no panties underneath.Treating the doorjamb like a pole, she stood on one leg and bent her body back, making sure she had a tight grip.

Sam closed his laptop and swiveled to face her, looking her up and down. “Oh, baby, you have no idea what fun I have in store for you. Come stand in front of me.”

Standing up straight, Sara sauntered over, trying to look as sassy and insouciant as possible. Sam wasn’t fooled.

“Any woman who dresses like this is just begging to have her ass beat like a drum. Bend over my desk. Now.”

Knowing better than to argue, Sara quickly assumed the proper position.
And although she knew she was supposed to stay still, Sara couldn’t help a happy butt wiggle.

“If you continue to be a good bad girl, not only will I beat your ass hot and red, I will then fuck you senseless. Now stay still, in position, and quiet…”



Robin Michelle

{19 September 2010}   Day 5 #write365

Day 5 #write365
Torch milkshake pepper

“Oh my god, Charlie! What the hell did you put in this milkshake? I asked for chocolate with a sprinkle of cinnamon… This tastes like,” sip, “like pepper, black pepper.”

“Look, I forgot to ask for cinnamon when I ordered it and didn’t realize ’til I was almost home. I figured I’d just add it in here and you’d never know. Only I hadn’t counted on the lights being out. And I couldn’t find a torch. Obviously candlelight wasn’t enough and I picked the wrong canister… Here, you take my vanilla cherry and I’ll take yours.”

“Well, okay, I guess. Vanilla cherry is definitely better than chocolate pepper. Thanks sweetie. I love you.”



Robin Michelle

{19 September 2010}   Day 4 #write365

Day 4 #write365
Fungus, circus, carrot

“Circus, circus, circus!”

The chant from the table was accompanied by rhythmic fist pounding.

“Shush! No one’s going anywhere, and certainly not the circus if you don’t quiet down and eat your lunch.”

Three pairs of fists stopped mid-air and three mouths snapped shut. Eyes gazed down to look at the food placed before them.

“Yuck! Carrots!”
“Ick! There’s mushrooms on the pizza!”
“Gag! No way I’m eating fungus!”

Arms crossed over chests, all three turned to glare at her.

“Dip the carrots in the dressing. Here it is,” as she placed the bottle on the table.

“If you don’t like the mushrooms, then don’t eat them. Pick them off and put them on this plate,” and she sighed loudly as she put a paper plate on the table within the reach of them all.

They sat there still, making no attempt to eat.

“Alright then, you’ve left me no choice. I’m setting the timer. You’ve got thirty minutes to eat and them get cleaned up. If you’re not ready to leave when the timer goes off, no circus.”

For a heartbeat they continued to just sit and stare at their food. Then with one last venomous look at her, and mighty sighs, they began to eat.

Robin Michelle

{4 September 2010}   Day 3 #write365

I did get this written yesterday, mostly. Until someone, um, let’s say “distracted” me.

Day 3 #write365
Sunglasses, toilet, hose

Lisa squinted over the top of her sunglasses watching the curvy redhead as she wove her way through the crowd. She cursed her bad luck under her breath. If she hadn’t tripped over that damn hose and broken her leg, she’d be up and following the beautiful stranger. But weighed down by cast & crutches, Lisa was going nowhere fast.

Lisa had noticed the redhead the moment she walked into the party. She was beautiful, curvy, maybe a few years younger than Lisa, dressed sexily but not trashy. Men and women alike noticed her. And she had especially noticed Lisa — they’d been sharing glances and smiles for the past ten minutes. Until she’d headed to the restroom, with an inviting look over her shoulder at Lisa.

Sighing deeply, Lisa mindlessly sipped her drink as she thought about how she would have liked her evening to have gone…

After only a few shared looks, she approached ‘Red’. They exchanged names, chatted, laughed. There was some flirtatious touching, and suggestive hints were mixed into the conversation. When Red headed to the restroom, Lisa didn’t hesitate.

They entered casually, hoping to find it vacant. Or at least not too crowded. They were in luck; only a few other women were there. Selecting the stall furthest from the door, Red went in first but left the door unlocked. Lisa waited for the woman at the sink to leave, then slipped into the stall.

Lisa wasted no time. In the space of a breath, Red was in her arms. Lips pressed, tongues tangled, nipples hardened, hands groped, hips thrust. She maneuvered Red into the space between the toilet and the wall. Lisa slid her hand into Red’s pants, enjoying the gasp when her fingers rubbed and pinched her hard clit. Red moved her mouth to Lisa’s nipple, lightly biting and sucking. Lisa’s breath caught as her cunt clenched and became even wetter…

Lisa looked up to find her fantasy standing at her table.
“I’m Ginnie. Mind if I join you?”
Lisa smiled, “Absolutely.” Maybe her evening was going somewhere after all.


Robin Michelle

{2 September 2010}   Day 2 #Write365

Day 2 #write365

Butterfly, dress, eraser

Rob stayed in the conference room after everyone else had left, watching as Claire gathered up all the papers, pens and various items left behind. As always, her presentation had been flawless, providing all the necessary information and anticipating the questions that would be asked.

Claire was a consummate professional, a valuable asset to the company. Hiring and then quickly promoting her had been two of the best business decisions he had ever made.

Rob’s train of thought was broken by the sight of Claire’s lusciously round ass as she bent over directly in front of him to pick up a dropped eraser. He shifted in his seat and stifled a moan as his cock hardened. Claire slowly and sensuously stood up, giving Rob a wicked grin and a saucy wink as she did.

Yes, hiring her had been good for business, and for him. He had finally found his equal.

Everyone considered Claire a killer in the boardroom, so devoted to her job that she had no time or interest in any sort of relationship. Hell, most of her coworkers and business associates weren’t even sure if she were straight or gay or what. He’d even heard rumors that some thought she must be asexual as there was never anything flirty or provocative about her dress, language or behavior.

Rob knew better. He knew that underneath that perfectly fitted business suit were two beautiful tits, barely covered by a silky bra, worn only for appearances. Moving his eyes down the curves of her body, he wondered which bra and garter set she was wearing ~~ ivory, peach, pale blue… When she had to wear underwear, they always matched.

Rob pictured the garter belt, how it framed her ass as she bent over, waiting for his touch, how the garters stretched down her thighs to the tops of her silk stockings. Turning her around in his mind, Rob saw the beautiful butterfly tattoo on Claire’s left hip, just above and to the side of her mons. The butterflies were so realistic that every time he went down on her, he almost expected to feel their wings…

Claire’s hand on his zipper as she knelt in front of him brought him out of his reverie.

“Everyone’s gone home,” as she eased the slider down.
“The doors are all locked,” her hand slid inside and eased out his cock.
“We’re all alone,” she looked him in the eyes, licked her lips, and opened her mouth…


Robin Michelle

{1 September 2010}   Write 365 ~ Day One

In an attempt to increase my writing and other creative endeavors, I am trying to do a Write 365 project. Each day I will write a small story, most likely fiction & post it here.

To get started, I used a random word generator and got button, vampire & chisel. Following is the short story I came up with.

Day 1 01Sep2010

“Buttons… Where the hell have all my buttons gone? I swear just last week I had a full box….” Selene’s voice trailed off as she continued to dig through the drawer.

“Hmmm… What? Did you say something, sweetheart?” Rafe barely paused his sculpting as he changed chisels.

Selene knew he hadn’t really heard her, but had just noted the sound of her voice. Pointing to the pile of mending by her chair, she answered him.

“Yes, I did. I have all these shirts that need new buttons and I thought I still had a full box… I must’ve used them all in last weeks mending… Guess it’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow.”

“Buttons? Why do so many shirts need new buttons?” The glint in Rafe’s eyes and the quirk of his lips barely hiding his emerging fangs were evidence that he knew full well why Selene always had an overflowing mending basket.

“Well,” Selene approached him, lowering her voice to a sultry purr, “there’s this big strong incredibly sexy vampire I know •very• well who takes great pleasure not only in ripping my blouses off, but in having me rip off his shirts.”

Selene had reached Rafe, gliding her palms up his chest, grazing his hardened nipples and causing a quick intake of breath, to the collar of his shirt. She gripped and pulled. “Just. Like. This.”

Buttons flew across the room. But they were too involved with each other to pay any attention.


Robin Michelle

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