Robin Michelle Writes

{28 April 2011}   The Abyss

The abyss beckons
Whispering lies of sweet peace
I teeter on the edge

{18 April 2011}   Leaden

Half-life, decaying
Potential bleeding away
Deathful weight remains

Base basic debased
Devoid, empty of life force
Leaden form descends

Sinks ever lower
Deeper in the dark abyss


{4 March 2011}   Inscribe #FuckMeFriday


Mark me with your lust

Engrave your desire into my skin

Each slap, each blow

Elicits moans and writhing

Nipples harden

Skin flushes

Cunt spasms and floods


I cry

I gasp

I yearn

I wait

I reach


Only when you are satisfied

With your handiwork of

Welts and bruises

When they have become

Braille for your fingers

As you stroke and caress

Then will your lust

Demand satiation

And  you will fill me

And inscribe me on the inside as well





{3 January 2011}   September 2010 12 Poems

While I eventually failed quite miserably at doing a 365 Poetry project, I did get several poems written in September, and many of those did make it onto Twitter… Here are a few I’ve managed to get typed up for posting.


Day1 01Sep2010

Fingers fly
Creating rhythm
Body sways to mark the beat
Feel the heat

Day 2 02Sep2010

A weighted silence
Words held back that should be freed
Elephant in room

Day 3 03Sept2010

Empty echoing chamber
Furnishings knick knacks memories
Walls floor ceiling
Scoured clean
All traces of you, of us
My heart now an empty room
Ready waiting to be refilled

Day 4 04Sep2010

Bowed beneath the weight
Of unfulfilled expectations
Broken dreams
Lost hopes
As a backpack stuffed with rocks
Deforms a spine
So the weight of theses failure
Crushes  my soul

Day 5 05Sep2010

In the library of my life
There are volumes and volumes
Written as I’ve lived them
Dreamed them
Wanted and feared them
Romances, westerns, fantasies
Sci-fi, psychology, history, and more
Titled and untitled
Easily read and hidden
All mixed together into the
Autobiography that is me

Day6 06Sep2010

I’ve travelled to many nations
My passport is well stamped
Yet I’ve still to fully explore
The country that is me

Day 7 07Sep2010

Cracked and worn
Pinching and chafing
My life
Like a pair of old shoes
No longer fits comfortably

Day 8 08Sep2010

More than furniture
And a place to pay the bills
A blank space to fill
It’s where worlds are created
And lives are changed
Where I find myself
Lose myself
Share myself

Day 9 09Sep2010

Tangled in your web
Each silken strand
A word
A phrase
An action
Of love
Of hate
Of laughter
Of anger
Truth and lies
Ensnared by shared memories
To break free

Day 10 10Sep2010

With myriad colors
Endless carving and stamping
Stress and heat
You have been embossed upon
My heart
My soul
My life
Touch me
Feel the traceries forever on my skin

Day 11 11Sep2010

Amps volts watts
Electric potential
Current alternating direct

Of you

Lightning coursing


Electromagnetic pull and push
Electric field
Powering us

Current pulses
From one to the other
Back again
Pulling close
Ripping apart


Day 12 12Sep2010

Eyes closed
I trace you with fingertips
Feeling hairs tickle
Contours of muscle & bone
Noting each quick & held breath

Fingers replaced by lips & tongue
Following paths already traced
And branching out
Kissing, licking, nibbling
All of you
Each rib
Graceful sweep of neck
Undercurve of perfect breast
Hardened nipple
Trembling belly
Swollen moist lips

Teasing and toying
As I map out the passions of you




{27 July 2010}   Piece by Piece

A poem inspired by the #Hearteater blog

“Take it
Take another little piece of my heart now, baby”
The words repeat in my mind
An endless loop
(Janis not Faith)

I watch you
With her
Not seeing me
Standing rigid
A pillar of ice

With each word you speak to her
Each touch & caress
You rip out & eat another piece of my heart

It’s not the first time
But I hope
That this time you will be thorough
That your gnawing
Will not leave behind one single cell
With any chance of regeneration

So, do it
Take it
Devour every last piece of my heart
So never again will there be anything left to draw me back to you

copyright Robin Michelle 2010

et cetera